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Air Blower


Positive Displacement blowers are similar in principle to positive displacement pumps in that they use mechanical means to squeeze fluid and thereby increase pressure and/or velocity. Centrifugal designs, on the other hand, impart velocity and pressure to media by flinging them outward with impellers. Among positive displacement blowers, the Roots, or rotary lobe, type is common, which uses two counter-rotating lobed rotors to move fluid through the blower, much the way a gear pump moves oil or other viscous liquids. A cutaway blower (below) shows one of the two rotors. Positive displacement lowers are often driven by direct-coupled electric motors but they can be driven by gas engines, hydraulic motors, etc. in unusual circumstances.

Centrifugal blowers are routinely used for combustion air supplies, on cooling and drying systems, for fluid bed aerators, with air conveyor systems, for dust control, etc. Positive displacement blowers are also used in pneumatic conveying, and for sewage aeration, filter flushing, and gas boosting, as well as for moving gases of all kinds in the petrochemical industries.