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(1.) Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Services
We provide a Comprehensive Annual Maintenance service to clients, in which they are assured of guaranteed service, after installing the solution from us. In case of product failure, replacement will be provided at no additional cost (after adequate inspection). In addition to the above, client will get a response to problem call within 2 hours and resolution to the problem within 24 hours.

(2.) Non Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Services
We offer Non - Comprehensive Annual Maintenance service to clients, a preventive maintenance of equipment as per schedule, which includes engineering and labor charges. Here, breakdown of equipment or any replacement of products will be chargeable to the client.

(3.) Warranty Based Services
We provide warranty based services to clients, for the products installed in their premises, which are registered with our portal and are subjected to warranty conditions. Conditions for repair and replacement of product failures, which are under warranty will be subjected to OEM policies.

(4.) Chargeable services
We also provide the services for the products installed at client is premises, but are not registered with our portal. For that, the service charge is applicable for the client subject to the kind of service required and location of the premises.

(5.) RMA Services
Our Return Merchandise Authorization portal ensures that the products returned by the clients within warranty period or under AMC contract, are treated on priority basis and shipment of the same and all other activities, is done in a sequential manner. Clients will get regular updates on product movement, information about arrival at RMA centers, the RPT costs, the approvals, also considering the priority.

(6.) Global Training Center
Our Training Center Team makes sure that the engineers are trained upto the mark, so that they are able to resolve the problem (if any) in the products installed in client premises, within a short period. Our training team also offers the corporate training to the key people of the company, who actually handle the product, so to ensure a long span of life, of the product. Sequential OEM Trainings are also arranged to ensure that new products portfolio reaches the team, to ensure learning and practice on the same.